Why Build Green?

In addition to all of the long term benefits and cost savings of a green project — as an owner of a sustainable home or building you have the peace of mind that your personal impact on the environment is balanced with the best building technologies available today.

Increased Home Value – According to an Aug 11th, 2012 article from the Washington Post, sustainable homes are selling “…8% more on average than noncertified homes…”

Tax Incentives – As an example of the many programs available: Currently as much as 1/3 of all HVAC equipment costs can reduced by tax deductions with the use of certain mechanical or passive conditioning systems.

Energy Efficiency – Reduction in monthly energy usage means cost pay-back on initial mechanical, glazing, and insulation systems within a typical time span of 5-15 years.

Improved Air Quality – High efficiency mechanical systems can also be designed to better condition indoor air quality for humidification, particulate reduction, and even heating / cooling distribution.

Lowered Construction Waste – Most sustainable building programs require 80% material utilization or more. On our LEED-Gold Project EAC documented a 98% material utilization, saving both materials and waste for the budget.

Expedition of Construction Permits – Some townships and cities, such as the city of Chicago, can expedite building permits if the project is registered as a “green” project.

Green Certification Programs Recognized by EAC:

USGBC – LEED for Homes
NHAB Green – Building Program